The borrowed elephant

Props and pretty things

The borrowed elephant

The borrowed elephant

The music for ‘My Husband’ is ready. I’m excited as we are getting very close now to having a short film that is finished. Once the credits and the final sound mix is done ‘My Husband’ will be ready to premiere, send out to festivals, film nights and show to the cast, crew and friends who helped make it happen.

Over the next few weeks some of the talent that helped to create ‘My Husband’ will continue to be featured in posts. There will be posts on composers, actors, cinematography, stills photography and more. There will be a trailer and a ‘My Husband’ page to like and soon there will be a date for a first screening.

Today I’m celebrating by writing about props and pretty things. For me props are all about capturing the the joy and magic of storytelling in everyday objects. Wardrobe and make up can help with this as well, giving us little hints about the characters and who or what they represent.



The elephant was an important symbol in ‘My Husband’. It represented good luck among other things.

The bell had its own meaning for Julie.

The bell

The bell

The richness of mangoes, limes and banana helped to develop a colour palette for My Husband.





Feet were important too. What we see from below gives us a different view to what we see at eye height. The trolley was the most improtant prop but more on that later.

Sandals for shopping in in the city

Sandals for shopping in in the city

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