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In ‘My Husband’ music is a defining force. The harmonica is a form of expression or perhaps freedom for Julie. The musical journey of ‘My Husband’ takes us from Bollywood to Melbourne, from the buzz of the CBD to the beat of St Kilda via the number 67 tram. Finding musicians and composers for My Husband was a challenging but immensely rewarding journey.

With the assistance of friends we found Daniel. A harmonica solo in the park at dusk created the right sound for a pivotal scene.

Two talented composers created the score for My Husband. Sahil Hoogan composed the opening and closing songs and Priyanka Venkataraman wrote the lyrics. The opening song Rehnuma which means guide was also used in the trailer. The closing song to My Husband is Julie. Julie was partly composed in India and it somehow captures the essence of the character. You can find out more about Sahil Hoogan here.

Composer Beau Kimber wrote the Theme to My Husband. From edgy beats to moving piano Beau’s music takes us from Melbourne’s streets to it’s warm and very human heart. Beau composes electronic songs which you can find here and piano compositions here.

Tara and her friends, actors Hannah, Mashara, Devaki, Korey and Bec ready for music shop scene In 'My Husband'

Tara and her friends, actors Hannah, Mashara, Devaki, Korey and Bec ready for music shop scene In ‘My Husband’

My Husband features two original songs which are played in a music shop by Tara, Neha’s daughter and her friends. Jan-Marie Davis composed and performed In The Dreamtime which features Bradley Noy and Alex Ibarra. It was hard to find a song that would be enjoyed by young teenage girls and a wider audience. In the Dreamtime had that wide appeal. You can find more of Jan-Marie’s music  here.

Cyber Lov’n sung in dulcet tones by  Brianna Simorangkir was the first song discovered for My Husband. It was so exciting to find a song I really liked. When I first contacted Brianna she was Sydney based, with links to Bali. She has now returned to Indonesia, so My Husband is truly an international collaboration. The online casting agency Star Now has been a valuable resource for this short film project. It has connected me with many talented actors and composers who have all helped to create My Husband.

Thank you to all the talented actors, musicians, composers who have supported the My Husband short film project.

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