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The principal stills photographer for My Husband was the multi-talented Monika Mackowiak. You can view Monika’s website here.  Additional stills images were provided by Matt McLennan and My Husband’s Director of Photography Chandra Mandanagopal

The stills for My Husband tell their own story. They can be dressed with words and form the backbone of this blog. At the Cast, Crew and Friends private screening, coming up soon, they will be blown up on the big screen and set to music.

Looking at each image conveys a mixture of memories and emotion. It might be the intensity of concentration as preparations are made for a shot, the sheer joy of following a passion, the laughs and the team work. The stills for My Husband weave their own magic.

Monika also designed the poster which features in the MyHusbandshort page, and is used in the DVD design, artwork for festivals and will adorn the Kino on the 28th August and hopefully many other screening venues over time. The connection or disconnection between Kalyan, Neha and Julie forms its core.

My Husband DVD - art design by Monika Mackowiak

My Husband DVD – art design by Monika Mackowiak

The stills and the poster, together with the trailer, this blog and the page have provided excellent tools for promoting My Husband to friends, film makers and a potential international grass roots audience. This has been made easier by the development of social media. Capturing the attention of a festival curator will be the next big challenge.

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